Visual Effects (VFX) is one of our team's expertise. Gravitate extends our service beyond the editing suites. We work hand in hand with agency and productions that require VFX supervision by getting our team to visit shoot locations to assist the production team to ensure we have the right materials, settings, plates needed to have an efficient workflow later during the post-production.

A good example was this OCBC Project that was produced by SOSNaked. Director Jordan Quellman and DP Lim Teck Siang sat with us to discuss the board and did a series of test shots.

This is a collaborative effort of the director's skill, techical advises of the DP and the team's post-production expertise to pull this kind of board. Split screens with one performer is quite common to see in an ad, but Jordan Quellman wanted it to be different and not just cheating the video by just editing. He wanted to prolong some shots with all of the characters in a same frame and at the same time interacting and overlapping. Even the outdoor background shots was not taken lightly. Teck set up 4 cameras - front, back and 2 sides left and right and let the car travel and sync all 4 cameras in all the angles.

See below the final video.

1 of 4 Series for OCBC featuring Michelle Chong Client: OCBC Agency: McCann Singapore Production: SOSNaked Producer: Andrius Dementavicius Director: Jordan Quellman DP: Lim Teck Siang Editor: Chris Datugan Colourist: Azman Mohamed Online Artist: Pinky Calica-Vierra Lead VFX: Perri Malacaman VFX Support: Sharizal Mohd Salleh & Bryan Tan Post Producer: Gloria Daysor

The final output was rewarding and gave Michelle Cheong's comedic performance a big hit.

Below are some of VFX jobs our team would like to share since 2013. Enjoy!