Profile // Shahril Ahmad

SHAHRIL AHMAD // Executive Producer //

Shahril Ahmad started his professional career in Post-Production when he joined JSP Post as an assistant producer back in 1996. Working his way around the many facets of the industry, he garners skills and experiences that would serve him well in his future calling. He has since worked in a few Post-Production houses in Singapore namely Infinite Frameworks which was formerly known as Frameworks. 

Having worked with Film and TV commercial directors as well as agency producers throughout his career, Shahril Ahmad has garnered a good reputation and recognition for his attention to detail, his passion for his work and his professionalism. Some of the well-known film production that Shahril Ahmad was involved in includes movies such as "One Leg Kicking" by Eric Khoo , "15" by Royston Tan, "Chicken Rice War" by CheeK, "Homerun" by Jack Neo, just to name a few as well as Najib Ali's "Kopi O Teh Tarik" for Suria Channel.

With his extensive experience and knowledge of post-production, he is considered one of the few senior producers in the industry.

Shahril Ahmad became a partner and an executive producer of Gravitate in early 2013 and oversees the day-to-day operation of the company.