Profile // Lis Dolmat

LIS DOLMAT // Producer //

Lis Dolmat is the assistant producer at Gravitate. Although new to the industry, Lis has proven time and time again to be diligent and dedicated to her job. Her utmost attention to client servicing and her regards to the needs of the people around her has endeared her to both clients and colleagues alike. In her 3 years working in the Post-Production industry, Lis Dolmat have worked with clients from several agencies namely Cheil Singapore and BBDO and attended to the post needs of programming companies such as Asian Food Channel to name  a few.

When not in her office attire, Lis shares the limelight with Singapore's very own local comedian Kumar. She is also a well-known performer in her own right having performed for almost 20 years in clubs such as the famous Boom Boom Room cabaret, Hard Rock Cafe and Zirca. Her performances has brought her around the world and fuel her love for travelling as well.