Gravitate also adopts to the ever-changing landscape of content creation to help clients to produce to fit on their budget.

With our expertise in post-production, it was given the fact that we can produce a finished product without sacrificing the quality and production value of the material.

Here are some examples of projects that we co-produced directly with the client's supervision and gave us full trust and support from start to finish.

Client: Telecom Equipment Production: Gravitate Director: Malay Prakash Producer: Gloria Daysor Editor: Chris Datugan Colourist: Azman Mohamed Online Editor: Pinky Calica-Vierra Motion GFX: Christopher Malacaman
Client: Procter & Gamble Project: SK-II Chinese New Year Retail Stores Video (Global) Creative Concept: Chris Datugan Director: Chris Datugan Assistant Directors: Pinky Calica-Vierra & Perri Malacaman Director of Photography: Lee Offline: Chris Datugan Smoke Artist: Pinky Calica-Vierra Davinci Colourist: Azman Mohamed Visual Effects: Perri Malacaman 3D Supervisor: Jonathan Ang Executive Producer: Shahril Ahmad * Products entirely shot on RED DRAGON