Gravitate extends its services to clients from Creative Concept to Content.

Procter and Gamble's SK-II Team requested Gravitate team to come up a concept and content for their In-stores to be used on a global scale.

We created a few concepts to choose from, then to storyboarding, presentation of references, get approval from different levels of department, arranged the production for 1 day of shoot to post-production, including editing, cleanups, 3D and visual effects.

The final visuals will then be converted based on the technical specifications of the In-store video walls from portrait and landscape sizes.

The Video was shot on RED DRAGON Camera on 4K, Colour graded in Davinci Resolve, particles done in After Effects, 3D simulations on Softimage, and composed everything on Autodesk Smoke.

Client: Procter & Gamble Project: SK-II Chinese New Year Retail Stores Video (Global) Creative Concept: Chris Datugan Director: Chris Datugan Assistant Directors: Pinky Calica-Vierra & Perri Malacaman Director of Photography: Lee Offline: Chris Datugan Smoke Artist: Pinky Calica-Vierra Davinci Colourist: Azman Mohamed Visual Effects: Perri Malacaman 3D Supervisor: Jonathan Ang Executive Producer: Shahril Ahmad * Products entirely shot on RED DRAGON

After the success of the SK-II CNY In-store video, the SK-II Team called us again to create 2 more videos till 2016, the GenOptics and the FTE Heritage. But this time, instead of shooting the bottles live, we all created the bottles in 3D and added effects.

Client: Procter & Gamble Project: SK-II GenOptics In-Stores Video (Global) Creative Concept: Chris Datugan Visual Effects / Compositor: Perri Malacaman 3D Supervisor: Jonathan Ang Davinci Colourist: Azman Mohamed Producer: Shahril Ahmad * This is an In-Store video, so no audio required.