Colour Grading or Digital Intermediate (DI) is a vital part of post-production process that involves Colour Grading the video or film to look cinematic based on the Director or Director of Photography's (DP) vision and interpretation to help communicate the feel and emotion of the scenes in a film to the audience. For TV commercial and content, the rule stays the same, but it is more of adding production value.

Gravitate has 2 Davinci Colour Grading Suite and has been involved with high-end productions like HBO. Recently, our Colourist/Partner Azman Mohamed won 2 awards for Colour Grading in Apollo Awards 2016 for Halfworlds and Eric Khoo's "Cinema" of 7 Letters. 

Our first successful project with HBO Asia was Grace followed by Halfworlds which garnered a big following around the region and currently doing Halfworlds Season 2.

Excerpt from HBO Halfworlds graded at Gravitate by Azman Mohamed
Congratulations to Azman Mohamed and Team Gravitate for Winning the Colour Grading Categories for Long Form & Short Form as well as our nomination for Visual Effects/CGI - Short Form category.