Deciphering India with Anjan Sundaram

Commissioned by Endo Productions, we designed and worked on the opening sequence and supporting map illustrations for 4-part series "Deciphering India with Anjan Sundaram" which airs on Channel News Asia every Wednesday from 18 May 2016. The programme features award-winning author Anjan Sundaram with his scalpel sharp analysis and disabling humour as he unravels some of the most contentious issues in his birth country India. 

Colour Palette and Treatment

The design for the opening sequence was a combination of motion graphics, graphic elements and pictures relating to topics explored, together with filmed footage from the programme. Taking reference from kinetic maps, we incorporated the colours of the Indian flag to our design with darkened colours of red, orange and yellow. This is so that the lines on the kinetic map can glow and stand out. The map is further textured with roads.

Pop up iconic pictures in the shape of the various states of India give visual support to issues in the programme. To give a sense of exploration via a road trip, point-of-view travel footage was enhanced with passing text highlighting issues.   

Opening Sequence, "Deciphering India with Anjan Sundaram" done by Christopher Malacaman