More Unforgettable Moments of 2015

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." ― Helen Keller  

We were delighted to collaborate on projects with new clients, agencies and directors.

For a change, the team rolled up our sleeves on-location shoot for both SingTel’s Dash with a Difference TVC and OCBC’s series of Better Banking Experience TVCs. 

Dash with a Difference TVC

Pre-production for Dash TVC kicked off with concurrent casting sessions and location recce with Director Malay Prakash and DOP Lee Cheng Hui. We decided to set the scene in Toa Payoh to reflect the daily hustle and bustle of the heartlands. From the location recce, we got the angles for the story and were quite pleased with how the actual scenes eventually turned out.

Recce vs Actual Shots


For the story, we were looking for a cute child that could express empathy and the desire to help others. During the casting session, six year old Matthew won our hearts us with his thoughtful and cheeky expressions. 

Casting session with Matthew Lim-Huber

12 year old Zi Yue took on the persona of an unassuming student trying her best to get some donation really well. Look at that sweet innocence in her eyes. 

Casting session with Woo Zi Yue

Karen exuded the warmth of a mother and we thought she’d be perfect for the role.

Casting session with Karen Bee Lin Tan

On-location Shoot

The window of time for all the outdoor scenes was short, as it was the season for afternoon showers and thunderstorms. Thankfully, the weather was kind to us, but not without moments of worry.  The sun seemed to be hiding among the clouds all morning, but with some luck, once the sun made his appearance, we were on a roll. Doing a 2-camera shoot was definitely the right decision, which ensured production speed, efficiency and preserved the authenticity of talents’ performance.

As a director, Malay had great rapport with his cast, crew and client. Addressing inputs from the client and connecting well with the cast, motivating them to deliver key takeaways for the scenes.




Team Gravitate was behind the scenes, making things happen in many different ways. We were also on standby as passersby. 

And there was never a dull moment, DOP Lee and team were always on the move with the ever changing demands of shooting in a public space.

Post Production

The story in pictures. Can you spot our cameos?

OCBC Better Banking Experience TVCs

Together with creative agency SOSNaked, we collaborated on a series of TVCs for OCBC, providing post production support. Our team discussed technical challenges with Director Jordan Quellman and DOP Lim Teck Siang, and did pre-production split compositing test shots to ensure we supported and delivered the director’s vision in effective storytelling.

On-location Shoot

Visually, the project was interesting with Michelle Chong playing all the roles in all the scenes. Our team was on-location to put together the scenes and give technical support for split compositing. 

Michelle gave stellar performances, acting against herself!

Michelle Chong as the air stewardess and pilot in OCBC OneTouch TVC

Michelle Chong as the air stewardess and pilot in OCBC OneTouch TVC

The production crew did a great job with the scene setups and simulating movement.

Post Production

The magic of post production gave the stories the finished breath of realism.

 We look forward to more awesome moments to come in 2016!