Infocus Asia (IFA) called us for support for a Docu-drama WWII: China's Forgotten War which hosted by Professor Rana Mitter and was shown on History Channel. The support was to create a visualisation of War Victims/Veterans using sketch-like drawings and animation to tell the story.

With collaboration with IFA's producers, sending us factual references and a few skype creative brainstorming with our Illustrator and Animator, Gravitate came up with the treatment, illustration style and storyboarding for each of the stories.

Approved Illustration Style

We started immediately to do the storyboarding and illustrations since IFA approved the illustration style and treament and targeting to deliver on a tight deadline. Below are some examples of the story segments of the final product.

WWII through the eyes of a child. The harrowing story of one little girl, Xia Shuqin, who witnessed the murder of most of her family during one of history's worst atrocities, the so-called "Rape of Nanjing". The Japanese Imperial Army over-ran the Chinese Nationalist capital of Nanjing in a matter of hours in 1937.
WWII came to the small town of Tai'erzhuang in central China - and it was never the same again. The town was strategically placed, on the north-south transport railway corridor and the ancient Grand Canal, and so was a focus of the Japanese Imperial army as it advanced.

After the success of the the show, the producers wanted to extend the stories thru ONLINE PLATFORM which was co-produced by UK-based company, Meridian Line Films to continue working with us.